In Over My Head

8 thoughts on “In Over My Head”

  1. I know that wasn’t easy. Being vulnerable never is. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are so special. Your mom was indeed special! Believing those babies are on their way… Prayers & hugs


  2. Wow. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your journey. I’m on my own journey of heartache with my mom as she battles addiction and it’s tearing me apart inside. Bitterness and anger seem to try their best to root deep in the pain. From one who has found freedom, will you please pray for me, for my mom? Thank you Melissa for your vulnerability, It’s blessed me.


  3. Tears for you and for me that I can’t even read what I’m typing . How precious that you laid your heart bare before us and God. How faithful He is to all who seek Him. Thank you for sharing your obedience to God and His mercy and blessings on you. Fill that hole with only His spirit and know that
    you’ll see your Mom again one day.


  4. Tears came to my eyes as I read your blog. I have been waiting to see how and when God was releasing you from the hurt feelings that you held in your heart. It’s amazing how He did it, but it was because you were seeking Him, and He did a great work in you sweet girl. So happy for you! Love your friend, Tammy


  5. Melissa, I had to read your blog. I knew you and some of what you were dealing with back over 15 years ago, it seems like only yesterday. I am so very grateful and happy for how our Lord is healing your heart and restoring you. Thank you for sharing this. I love you. Our Lord has great days ahead for you for all of us! He is coming!!!


  6. Melissa, I’m so proud of you and your courage to face the pain and allow love to step in and carry it away. I read your blog with tears streaming down my cheeks. You are loved, my friend. So perfectly loved. Those songs are beautiful and I have been playing, “Over My head” on repeat a lot too.

    I love you. I too have spent time praying for you and Aaron and your little ones. And, I will continue to do so. Hugs, friend. ❤


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